How to professionally clean drapery both the scent and the stains

After you have tried all the cleaning processes available in the market to clean your draperies from the stains and the nasty cat urine scent/odor. Even your dry cleaner cannot guarantee the removal of the urine stains or the odor; the question How to professionally clean drapery both the scent and the stains. With experience for more than 25 years and many five-star reviews on PetPeePee Google review, I can ensure my customer around the globe that I can remove any urine odor and, in most cases, the stains.

Custom-made silk draperies before and after

Cleaning drapery before and after

Why stains on draperies it’s so difficult to remove? After your pet has urinated on the silk/cotton/velvet/linen customer tried to clean it using ordinary cleaning products.

This will lead to a brown stain that will become (depending on how long) a permanent stain. And more sometimes, the pet owner discovers that his pet uses the drapery for a long time without notice, the urine crystal will bake this spot with the help of the sunlight, and it will become permanent discoloration.

The PetPeePee company develops a unique cleaning process using the natural odor-free cleaning product from the Dead Sea. This natural odor-free cleaning product design by mother nature to kill bacteria naturally. Combining the Dead Sea cleaner and a unique cleaning process will ensure it will be obliterated the odor from the draperies permanently without depositing any unpleasant smell into the fiber.

As a result, all the cleaning processes can remove the urine stains; we remove the stains 98% in our experience.

PetPeePee nationwide service for cleaning high-quality custom-made drapery from dog and cat urine odor and some stains. PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense.

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