Cleaning Area Rug from Urine odor using the Dead Sea cleaner.

Cleaning area rug by PetPeePee nationwide service. 100% urine odor removal Guarantee.

Cleaning an Area rug from dirt and soil, or the most common problems is removing the urine odor or the pet accident.
Let’s look at how PetPeePee company changes how: Oriental rug, area rug, furniture, and Drapery should be clean from pet accidents.
In removing the urine odor, the rug will be clean from dirt and soil easily.
However, the big challenge is to permanently remove the urine odor, which the “XpetPee machine” and the organic Dead Sea minerals design.
Any area rug, and especially wool or silk contemporary rug, should be clean gently.
PetPeePee company was established in 1991; in 2002, we build and invented the “XpetPee machine” that’s designed to clean Oriental rug, area carpet, and pillows from urine odor  Through.

Pet Pee Pee company is a nationwide service for cleaning high-quality Antique and newer Oriental rugs from dog or cat urine odor.

How should Oriental carpets be cleaned from dog URINE odors?

Removing the urine odor from Antique Turkish /Persian carpet colored with vegetable dye is hard in the Oriental rug cleaning service. We at PetPeePee company develop a cleaning process that guarantees in writing color will never run or bleed.

Cleaning an Area rug from dog and cat urine odor is not an easy task. Removing the urine odor should be done through the wool/Silk rug, washing the oriental rug through every fiber/nat.

PetPeePee company developed the XpetPee machine that cleans the Area rug THROUGH the rug; this cleaning process ensures: the color will never run, and the urine odor will wash it out completely without covering the urine smells with Deodorizer smells.

The PetPeePee company: The area rug cleaning service develops the secret cleaner from the Dead Sea to naturally break down the urine crystals.

The Dead Sea cleaner product does not contain salt.

This unique cleaning product will never deposit any unpleasant smell on the rug. It means your Oriental carpet will be free from any odor guarantee.

And more, in the process of removing the urine odor, we clean the Oriental rug from dirt and soil.

The review that we received on Angie’s List and Google reviews prove that our cleaning processes work.

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