Why My Dog Pee on My Oriental rug

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100% Guaranteed Urine Odor Removal is Our Standard Cleaning Process!
PetPeePee Company has revolutionized the cleaning process with our Vacuum Cleaning system that cleans “through” the item along with our naturally blended minerals from the Dead Sea.
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Why my dog pee on my Oriental rug?

In the last 20 and more years I realize that urine odor is a big trouble for those who loves pets at home. Just like me.
Mr. Meir Martin, Owner /inventor of PetPeePee System.

The wet patch on my heirloom rug reveal that my dog starts a fresh chapter in my spirit.
Is this chapter going to be a pleasant? NO!

The first thought, Give the dog away! O’ No, I love him. I am going to beat him so hard that he will never do it again, O’ No, I love him, and he will be afraid of me any time that I come near him.

Why my Dog Peeing in the home???
Hire a trainer, O’No too expensive. Let see tomorrow if he will do it again?

Next morning again, wet spot near the table leg. Now I have identified the I am in a real problem.
I got my dog near the stain and ask him, what is this? He looks at me like a dome (want to say, I don’t know)
I said with a different tone, Don’t do it once more. And let him run.

Next morning new wet spot, and the heel is already outside looking at me from the doggie door. Now I know I am in big problems, kill him, O’No give him away, defiantly No. SO, what to do? I just don’t know.

I understand that my dog never pee in the day time, Only at night when he is in the living room and we are slumbering.
So I let him into my room at night, he slept under the bed and no more wet spot in the morning.

And I have a happy dog, and I love Me.

All of this because I love him, he brings a grin to my face, and I love dogs.

Meir Martin, who I can leave without Dogs?

My Puppy is peeing on wood Floors, My Cat Urinated on my grandmother’s Persian Oriental rug, Why?
I’m just sick about it and I know if I found one spot there has to be more, god I hope not. I blotted it out as best as I could and was not sure if I should put a neutralizer on the Oriental rug, so I need some help from the experts out there.
Do I get a professional Carpet Cleaning or Pee Pee Expert to remove the urine stains and the odor?
I know that if wool gets wet it will smell on its own, but with dog urine… Oh, what to do????
Thank you so much
Puppy Peeing on Wood Floors why?
We’re trying to house train our 12 week puppy. So far she has learned that when we go outside, she should pee/poop. But she doesn’t seem to fully understand yet that she shouldn’t go inside the home.
We have her confined to our dining room, which are hardwood floors with throw rugs. When she eliminates in the house, it is always on the wood floor and the area rug.

Why my dog pee on my rug.

Q: Are the Cleaners minerals safe for pets and children?

A: Yes! The minerals used for the PetPeePee System are safe for all pets and children. They are natural and eatable (the test is very bitter like the Dead Sea). A revolutionary system that is specifically designed to remove dog and cat urine odor,
By using a cold water system and Naturally Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea.

PetPeePee System NEVER use: deodorizer, detergent/soap or enzymes that MASK the urine odor.

We at PetPeePee System Guarantees to Permanently Remove Dog & Cat Urine Odor from: Oriental Rugs, Furniture, Draperies and Hard Floors.