Frequently Asked Questions

The PetPeePee System is a new process that removes Permanently and cleans dog and cat urine odors and stains, By using the organic odor free blended minerals from the Dead Sea.

PetPeePee invented the XpetPee machine that’s clean the Oriental rug or area carpet through from: draperies, oriental rugs, and more.

PetPeePee is not a carpet cleaning service. We do not do the following services: Carpet cleaning, Air duck Cleaning, Water Restoration, or Tile and grout cleaning. PetPeePee’s exclusive service is Urine odor removal and in the process of removing the urine odor, PetPeePee cleans the item from dirt and soil, however the main reason customers come to PetPeePee Service is to remove the Urine Odor Naturally and Organically.
NO!!! PetPeePee System was built from the ground-up. Because our cleaning solution, (Blended Dead Sea Minerals) corrosive, we have to built a new machine and system that can work with these minerals.
No. Cleaning Rugs in customer’s home will cause major damage to the rug and/or to the wood/hard floor due to the moisture left in the rug.
Steam carpet cleaning uses hot water (steam) and strong detergents to remove dirt and soil. Urine is not dirt or soil. The urine remains in the rug wool/silk from the top all the way to the bottom and to remove the urine crystals that causes the bad odor, you have to rinse the rug with cold water from the top and vacuum from the bottom so all the urine can be flushed out through the rug. PetPeePee System uses cold water with a natural blend of odor-free minerals (from the Dead Sea) to clean and remove the urine odor and stains from: Area rugs, Furniture, Draperies and unique items.
The PetPeePee Machine is built with a special indicator that shows the color and dirt content of the waste water. Once the water turns clean, the rug is clean and free from urine, dirt and soil.
Yes! That is why we give a 100% guarantee, in writing.
No! PetPeePee System will NEVER uses a dry cleaning system because it’s toxic!!! Instead, the PetPeePee System uses its own blended solution made from odor-free, Organic minerals from the Dead Sea.
Yes! The minerals used in the PetPeePee System are safe for all pets and children. They are natural and edible (very bitter like the Dead Sea).
Urine is a liquid made up of different proteins that bacteria will grow on, immediately. When the urine dries, it turns into crystals. These crystals can remain in the same state for a long time. However, when they come in contact with moisture, they become urine again. By cleaning the urine with hot water (steam), the urine, along with its odor, becomes embedded in the fibers while the deodorizer acts as a food for the bacteria in the urine. This causes brown stains or other discolorations to appear on the rug and fibers. This is what makes the urine more difficult to extract.
Sorry! No, if your pet(s) is/are not trained to pee outside or in the litter box, he/she/they will probably pee inside the home again.
Yes. We are licensed by the state of Florida, city of Pompano Beach. We carry all required insurance.
Vinegar is an acid. When fibers of a wool rug are originally dyed, the manufacturer applies vinegar to set the color. In some cases, by using vinegar on a yellow, pet accident, the color from the accident can be permanently set. Before using vinegar, test it on a small part of the accident.
The price is depending on the type of material the item is made from, if the urine has been on the rug for a long time or if the pet saturated the item with urine, and the strong scent of the urine in the item. The price can be determined over the phone or by email. You can text a picture of your item to 954-594-2564 or call us directly at 561-221-2815.
Most of the cleaning products in the market contain soaps, deodorizers, and/or enzymes. Applying soap on urine will push the urine and soap further into the material and padding. The soap blends with urine, grows bacteria, which results in a new stain that is bigger and darker than the one before. We call this PeePeeSoap. *Vanilla deodorizer applied to the pee-pee stain becomes PeePeeVanilla.
No. Pet stains that have previously been treated with other cleaning products in some cases cannot be removed. Because of the combination between the urine and the chemicals in the product, the fibers become bleached with the urine spot and cannot be removed. However, PetPeePee System can guarantee that any stains removed during the process will never resurface.


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