Cleaning oriental rug using an odor free cleaner

Cleaning Oriental rug from dog and cat urine odor using the Dead Sea minerals service provide by PetPeePee company the organic place

To all of us that are sensitive to chemical smells, and prefer organic cleaning, this Blog/ video is for you.

Cleaning Oriental rug from dirt and soil, it’s a totally different cleaning process then removing the urine odor.

What you should know before sending your rug to be clean from dog or cat urine odor?

Many of the carpet cleaner will provide you with excellent service to clean the wall to wall from dirt and filth, however, the removal of urine odor brought a different avenue that we are not (the consumer) familiar with.

The urine crystal had all away deep inside the fiber, the foundation of the rug, the crystal of the urine waiting for a moisture to come over, and rejuvenate his life.

We supply the moisture through the cleaning product that we used, (most of the cleaning product in the market contains enzymes and soap that’s blended with the urine crystal and offer an excellent oily warm environment).

By sending your Oriental rug to a local carpet cleaner that’s clean your Oriental rug with the enzyme and deodorize you will receive the rug with, deodorize and chemical smell (Enzyme).

To get rid of the urine odor completely and permanently you must cleanse it with a cleaning product that it is odor free!

Why odor free cleaning product?

By cleaning the Oriental rug that saturated with the urine odor with a cleaning product that’s contained a vanilla deodorize the result will be the scent of “PeePeeVanilla”.

You will never put a perfume on your body after running a 5K.

PetPeePee invented a cleaning product found in the Dead Sea and build the XpetPee machine that’s clean the Oriental rug through.

The combination of the odor free Dead Sea minerals, combine with a new engineering, Oriental rug machine, will provide unsurpassed result.

The PetPeePee famous statement: upon delivery puts your nose, whatever you like on the clean Oriental rug guarantee in writing, hundred percent urine odor removal permanently, and never smell of chemicals, or deodorize.

PetPeePee a cleaning process that’s makes sense.